Is a Marketing StratPlan Right for your Business?

Here are three questions some people ask: Is social media right for everybody? Does having a website mean that people are going start giving me business? Will starting an email campaign guarantee I close more business?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO for all three of those questions.

However, with the right strategy, all three of those areas can the most efficient way to reach the masses of potential customers that could be your next client.  Now that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Possible topics that will be covered in a StratPlan:

  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing Strategies
  • Advertising

What will you physically receive from this? You will hear what you are doing well, and what you could improve on. In short, you will get a turn-key strategy that you can implement yourself. But if you want me to manage any of the services in the StratPlan, we will cover those items as well.

Today is the day to start a conversation with me about developing a strategy for your online marketing.

So, Maybe I’m a Sucker for the Stage

I was trying to be funny, but if I’m honest…

All kidding aside, sometimes the best way to get message of effective marketing into the hands of the most amount of people at one time is in a group setting. That group could be large or small. Some common topics are:

  • Market/Message Development
  • How to Manage your Marketing So It Doesn’t Manage You
  • Delivering “Wow” to your Audience (Online and Offline)
  • What Should We Focus on in Social Media?
  • How to Finally Make Social Media, Website, and Email Work for You.

Before I just show up to your event, let’s have a conversation first.

Sometimes we just need a little coaching.

The highest achievers in business, athletics, and even the arts have either had a coach or the collective input of others they trusted.

I can’t remember who first said this, but “you can’t always read the label when you are stuck inside the bottle.” My stages when I serve an organization with my consulting come from my days in the Marine Corps: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. But I’ve tweaked it a little bit.

  1. Direction Development
  2. Determine Changes Needed
  3. Implement the Strategy

The amount of time that we spend together will be determined by the scope of the work. You may just need a little direction, or you could need coaching along the way. Either way, it all begins with a conversation.