Not Just Any… but “The” Lance Cook

It sounds arrogant, but it makes people laugh when I say it in meetings. I’m not sure why though… hmm

Yes, I am a marketing service provider and consultant, but I am also a husband, father, musician, Marine Corps veteran, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. My wife and I also manage a health, fitness, and finance website called startlivingrightnow.com. So, feel free to check that out as well. I’ve had opportunities to do some pretty cool things in my days, but we’ll save that for a conversation over a cup of coffee.

I will say this: my family (I almost listed them, but the list was so long that this webpage would have never loaded) has inspired me, encouraged me, and challenged me to pursue my various passions with excellence. Those passions have ranged from my faith, to singing/songwriting, dirt track racing, and of course business.

That’s enough about me. If you are interested in the services I do, here’s the link.

In the video below I describe my 3-Way AMS Marketing Philosophy. Then I hope you grab the cheat sheet that you see here too.

God Bless, Lance


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